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Statement: Pat Meehan Caves - Votes for Massive Middle-Class Tax Hike


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Rep. Meehan Flip Flops On GOP Budget That Cuts Medicare, Medicaid - Paves The Way For Tax Cuts For The Most Well Off

Flourtown, PA -- Today, Congressman Pat Meehan (R PA-07) caved to pressure from Paul Ryan and Republican House leadership and changed his position to a YES vote on the Republican budget reconciliation bill, which will hike taxes on middle-class families in order to give tax breaks to the rich and big corporations. 

The Republican budget paves the way for the Republican Tax giveaway to millionaires and billionaires, and for the elimination of the State and Local Tax deduction, which middle-class families depend on - for example, eliminating this deduction will increase taxes on 40% of Delaware County families who saved an average of $13,428 because of this deduction. At the same time, Meehan voted to cuts taxes for millionaires, billionaires, and big corporations.

As families and communities struggle in the midst of the devastating effects of the opioid epidemic, Pat Meehan turned his back on them by voting to cut $473 billion from Medicare, cut more than $1 trillion from Medicaid to impose $5 trillion in discretionary cuts to programs like Head Start, Pell Grants and cancer research.

“Pat Meehan caved to Paul Ryan and extreme House Republicans, voting to increase taxes on the middle class and cut vital programs like Medicare and Medicaid ,” said Dan Muroff, Candidate for Congress in PA's 7th Congressional District. “This bill was designed with one goal: to give a massive handout to the rich and attack middle-class families, who will see their tax burden skyrocket. Worse, Representative Pat Meehan voted for it and will be held accountable next November.”


State and Local deduction vital for Southeastern PA:

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