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Roll Call: Democratic Soul-Searching in One Pennsylvania House Race

Dan Muroff is making the case that while he supports liberal policies, he has the experience that will appeal to general election voters.

Last week, Muroff, who has been endorsed by former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, spent a warm afternoon canvassing a neighborhood in Delaware County with a local Democratic candidate. With local elections coming up this year, they were reminding people to go to the polls.

The mild-mannered, bespectacled Muroff who worked as a chief of staff in the House, a ward leader in Philadelphia, and president of a gun violence opposition group, said he knows how to get things done. He grew up in Delaware County and recently moved back into the district.

“I have experience for this office,” Muroff said as he walked through the neighborhood. “But I also think I have the right approach to appeal to people in the middle without abandoning my values.”

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