Jobs & the Economy

Dan knows there is no other way to achieve economic security than through a good-paying, stable job. Unfortunately, too many people throughout Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District struggle every day just to make ends meet.

We must do better.

Dan understands that the path to economic security and a stronger middle class starts with a good education and then a job that puts that education to work. Dan’s mom served on the executive committee of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, and her values are Dan’s values: a strong belief in the importance of public education, and of the central role of organized labor in building the American middle class.

In Congress, Dan will work to:

  • Eliminate tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, enforce our trade agreements, and prevent a “race to the bottom” by requiring that all trade deals include strong environmental and labor standards.
  • Create 15 million new jobs through an unprecedented investment in rebuilding and expanding our roads, bridges, transit, and ports. 
  • Connect businesses and labor unions with technical schools and community colleges and expand access to apprenticeship programs. By investing in workers so that they have the skills training businesses are looking for, we can create millions of high-skill jobs with better pay, in fields like advanced manufacturing, healthcare, programming and construction.
  • Increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour, indexed to inflation, and expand the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) to increase take-home pay for working families struggling to get by.
  • Guarantee paid family and sick leave to all workers.
  • Protect the rights of working people to join a union and collectively bargain for better wages, benefits, and rights on the job.

Dan’s agenda invests in people and provides the tools to grow a stronger and healthier economy. Not every young person will go to college, so we need to ensure there is more than one pathway into the middle class. Dan will push for training programs and apprenticeships that prepare individuals for jobs that have long term economic potential, and for life-long education to ensure that adult workers are not left behind as the economy evolves.

Dan believes automation, globalization, and advances in artificial intelligence will present an increasing challenge for our country, potentially displacing millions of workers in dozens of industries. In Congress, Dan will make it a priority to convene leaders in government, business, and technology in order to produce the innovative policy solutions we will need to address this looming jobs crisis. 

Although there will be no simple answers to this problem, any adequate response will have to include a focus on education and worker retraining, an increase in the level of government investment in areas like infrastructure so as to guarantee jobs to those willing to work, and supporting labor unions to ensure that the gains achieved from increased technological productivity are fairly shared with workers.