International Peace & Security

Dan believes the first priority of our foreign policy must be the safety and security of Americans at home and abroad. He believes the best way to achieve that end is through diplomacy and the peaceful resolution of conflict, with the use of military force only as a last resort. Dan believes that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was a disaster, and in the words of Admiral Joe Sestak, a "tragic misadventure" based on false intelligence. Dan strongly supports diplomatic efforts which have helped to reduce the likelihood of conflict and nuclear proliferation, including the Iran Nuclear Deal negotiated by the Obama administration.

As a strong supporter of Israel, Dan believes its future, both as a democratic state and as a homeland for the Jewish people, depends on the adoption of a negotiated two-state solution. Most Israelis and Palestinians support a two-state solution; Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli government must keep their commitment to the principle of "two States for two peoples," a principle which the Palestinian Authority must accept as well. The ultimate borders between Israel and a future Palestinian state should be mutually agreed upon with limited land swaps of equivalent size and quality. Unfortunately, the enduring failure of the parties to come to a diplomatic settlement endangers America and contributes to regional instability.

The United States government can and must play a constructive role in this negotiation process. Dan believes that to make progress towards a lasting peace, Israel must halt the construction of settlements in the West Bank, and the Palestinian leadership must fully recognize Israel's right to exist, and be held to their commitments to help prevent terrorism and violence. In addition, Dan opposes the BDS movement and any attempts to ostracize Israel from the international community.

Dan also believes that we must use our nation's intelligence and diplomatic resources to work toward reducing nuclear threats on the Korean Peninsula.  While military options must remain on the table as a last resort, the circumstances surrounding North Korea and its unpredictable and dangerous regime call for committed efforts at multilateral negotiations toward a resolution. 

When military action is the only option, Dan believes we must always endeavor to act together with our allies in NATO and around the world, because our nation is more secure when we can rely on allies to share the burden of our collective self-defense.  Dan supports the US-led Combined Joint Task Force in its ongoing mission to destroy ISIS, and believes coalition efforts must continue until ISIS is defeated.