Gun Violence Prevention

Dan has been a long time leader in the fight to prevent gun violence. He is a recent past President of the board of CeaseFirePA, Pennsylvania’s statewide gun violence prevention organization. Dan believes in common-sense reforms to prevent gun violence, such as universal criminal background checks. These reforms are supported by an overwhelming number of Americans, including a majority of gun owners and NRA members.

In Congress, Dan is committed to introducing legislation that will reduce gun violence in Pennsylvania and across the United States.  His proposals include:

  • Mandatory national criminal background checks on all gun sales, so we can instantly check the criminal history of a gun purchaser.
  • Ban military-style assault weapons and gun modifications like "bump stocks," which effectively convert firearms into automatic weapons.
  • Prohibit those convicted of domestic violence, whether of a spouse, a non-spouse partner or other family member, from purchasing or possessing a firearm.
  • Close the terror loophole and ban gun sales to those on the terrorist watch list.
  • Recognize gun violence for what it is: a public health epidemic.  Dan will work to end the unconscionable ban on funding CDC research into addressing this public health crisis.

The facts are plain and simple. States with stricter gun laws have less gun violence. About two thirds of all homicides in the United States involve a gun, and ours is the only developed country in the world where the levels of gun homicides are like those of distressed countries in conflict. Guns account for more than a full percent of all of our nation’s deaths. We need leaders in Congress like Dan Muroff who are committed to the cause of saving lives, and help finally stem this tide of violence.