Environmental Protection

Dan understands that preserving and protecting our environment doesn’t just result in cleaner air and water, it also keeps all of us healthier and makes our economy stronger.

Dan has a life-long commitment to environmental stewardship. He chose the law school he attended because it offered an environmental certificate with the JD, and as a Congressional staffer in Washington he led efforts to preserve the Land and Water Conservation Fund. More recently, Dan served as President of the board of Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania, the state chapter of the League of Conservation Voters.

In Congress, Dan will be a tireless advocate for environmental conservation. His priorities include:

  • Fighting back against Big Oil and their influence in Congress and the Trump Administration. Dan is deeply concerned that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency does not accept climate science, and that the United States now stands alone in withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord. Dan believes Congress must act to protect the Clean Power Plan and preserve EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas pollution.
  • Creating jobs and meeting the challenge of climate change by investing in renewable energy. In Congress, Dan will advocate for expanding Production Tax Credits for renewable energy, and he supports the adoption of Renewable Energy Standards that would require that an increasing percentage of our power supply be produced from renewable sources.
  • Requiring strict environmental and safety reviews for new pipeline projects, especially the Mariner East 2 pipeline here in PA, which not only threatens well water and stream contamination, but would send highly volatile and explosive natural gas through our communities and near our schools. In Congress, Dan will push for the Department of Homeland Security to thoroughly review the pipeline’s health and safety implications.

The Administration, and many Republicans in Congress, advance a false choice that we cannot both protect the environment and produce jobs. This argument has been proven wrong many times over. In truth, pollution is damaging, even devastating. Those countries without strong environmental standards suffer seriously from adverse economic and health consequences. Our nation must lead the fight for a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable environment.